Software Engineer with Passion for Robotics C# / C++ Programmierer

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TruPhysics GmbH
Nobelstraße 15
70569 Stuttgart



Vanessa Maier

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C# / C++ Programmierer

70569 Stuttgart
Software Engineer with Passion for Robotics


Software Engineer with Passion for Robotics

TruPhysics is a young and innovative Tech-Startup in the area of robotics. Founded 2014, TruPhysics started to find an answer for the question, how machines and plant constructions can be constructed saver, faster and more efficient with the help of industry robots.

A robot is only as reliable as the program that controls it. TruPhysics created an unique simulation process. Therewith, the optimization of these control program is guaranteed by creating a digital twin of the robot and simulating the physical behaviour in real-time. Additionally, training data is generated and neuronal networks of the robots can be exercised. Thus, the robot is first able to learn motion sequences automated and wear-free itself (Machine-Learning).

What you have to do:

- your responsibility will be the integration of two different simulation frameworks in the field of medical and biological informatics: OpenSim and SOFA
- your main topic is the simulation of biologically inspired models of two- or four-legged robots that are controlled by neuronal simulation
- the control outputs of these neuronal simulations have to be translated and transferred to simulated muscle apparatus and skeletal systems
- long-term objective is to interlink and merge the active muscle simulation of OpenSim with the passive tissue simulation of the SOFA framework


- progamming Skills: C++, Python
numerics: multi-body systems, FEM methods/software, real-time capable numerical solvers
- simulation & Computer Graphics: SOFA framework
- personal skills: Commitment and motivation, willingness to learn, analytical thinking, problem-solving ability, flexibility, reliability
- languages: English


- we are motivated and we have fun at work
- we attach great importance to your opinion
- we have a great tech-knowledge that we would like to share with you
- we offer you a creative and pleasant work and team atmosphere

We also offer..

- fruits, water and coffee for free
- fair payment - Depending on your experience and title we offer an income of 3.500-4.500 € (ca. 2.500 € net)
- we support you to move to Germany and find a place to live