Java Wizard or Apprentice (Backend Developer) Java

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Thomas Beauvais

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Java Wizard or Apprentice (Backend Developer)


Java Wizard or Apprentice (Backend Developer)

As a Java Wizard, you would be responsible for efficiently organizing and developing the SOA based on RESTful services used by our client applications (web and mobile); implementing pipeline processing of massive amounts of unstructured documents to automatically analyze, enrich and categorize; maintain our semantic recommendation system using various machine learning and clustering techniques to provide even further insight. Please keep in mind that ITONICS is building multi-tier client-to-server applications with thousands of users making performance and stability a crucial in development.

Experience and aptitude can vary, enthusiasm is required. Anyone from a senior to working student (Werkstudent/ Internship) are encouraged to apply. All of the listed topics can be learned.

All applicants must be fluent in English (German is optional).

Your experiences (or aspirations) should match our needs:

- Principals: SOLID, RESTful services (JSON), design patterns, machine learning, semantic web
- Unit Testing (TDD): JUnit 4, unit testing, mocks (Mockito)
- Java (version 1.8): Spring, Tomcat, Apache Commons, Akka, Gradle (or Maven)
Deployment: Jenkins, Heroku, GAE, AWS (or other PaaS)
- Database: MongoDB, SQL (all), Elastic (search)
- Frontend (optional): Angular, TypeScript, Gulp, Node (NPM)
- Other (optional): Linux, Hadoop, Neo4j, Fuseki or Jena

What we as ITONICS can offer you:

ITONICS is an established startup in enterprise software. We are not focussing on millions of customers loving our location based dating app. We make market leading companies in all industries even stronger by boosting their innovation function. This requires lots of solid development and even more magic. If you are the type of person having fun within extreme complexity and building in some magic in your code, then let’s talk!

At ITONICS you’ll be part of a massive, industrial dawn of innovation through insight, collaboration, and foresight. Building large scale solutions to answer both tough high level and concrete questions about the future.

Join this young, dynamic and passionately motivated team to construct solutions for a better tomorrow using and creating some of today’s most cutting edge technologies, techniques and paradigms.

Market leaders like Continental, Daimler, Edeka, Evonik, MAN, Siemens, Total or The World Economic Forum use our solutions to shape and build the future.

Welcoming both junior and experienced developers with various levels of savviness, ITONICS has a place for anyone that is devoted to technology and forward thinking. The ITONICS team is looking for eager and self-motivated individuals to drive solutions into the future.

If this sounds like a good match for you, then don’t hesitate to contact us right now. We will

- Get back to you within 72 hours
- Invite you for a first interview - on-site in Berlin or on Skype
- Invite you on-site to introduce the team, the vision, Berlin etc.
- Get you onboarded quickly
- Take care of relocation to Berlin if required

Grab the chance to work in one of the most exciting areas in the tech industry in one of the most exciting cities on the globe - NOW! Please send us your résumé (cover letter, CV, transcripts) to our CTO, Thomas Beauvais (jobberlin(at) and state your availability.

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